Water: the Lifeblood of Your Body

Water is certainly the most important part of our body and livelihood. It has been found that the human body can go for weeks without any food at all but may never survive more than three days without water.

The body constitutes of up to 55% to 75% water. Water makes the basis of the essential fluids of the body, these include; digestive juices, perspiration, urine, fat, bones and is found in lean muscle.

The human body does not have the ability to store up a reserve for water thus it needs a constant supply of fresh water always. The main reason for the constant demand for water is mainly to cover up for the losses of water through the skin, lungs, urine and breath.

Water is essential in the body in order to keep the blood as liquid and dilute as possible so as to help to carry the products of the metabolic pathways and procedures in the body. Water helps the blood and the body to work in hand in the detoxification of the body. Other than flushing out toxins out of the body systems water is also used in the regulation of the body temperature. The synovial fluid that is around most tissues and joints is made up of water and acts as a lubricant between the movements of the joints. Water is also used to ferry oxygen and dissolved nutrients to the places in the body where they are required.

Urination is certainly the largest contributor to the loss of water in the body. Drinking alcoholic beverages increases the urine outlet in the body and thus increases the loss of water. The person at this period should always take in a lot of water after consuming a lot of alcohol. In the urine we do not just lose water; we also lose some water soluble vitamins which are; Vitamin C and B.

A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will help you to increase the amount of water in your body. Some fruits contain a great deal amount of water and in some cases the vegetables help in water retention. Although you are having a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables it is also necessary to have an intake of at list 6 glasses of water. Water is certainly the important part of our body and diet. We should also note that water is also necessary during weight loss programs. Water helps you to feel full all the time and thus reduce your intake of food. This will help you to lose that unwanted fat. Dehydration may be a serious and yet fatal experience to the human body. Symptoms include; headaches, mood changes, weakness and hallucinations.