How to Stop Binge Eating

When you think of binge eating you normally think of someone who is on a diet and becomes so hungry that they lose control and eat whatever they want without regard to amount, size, or their diet plans.

This often happens when frustration sets in because you work hard with little or no results in losing weight.

Going on a diet is an emotional process.  It is not easy work and your progress in losing weight will often have ups and downs.

If you become so discouraged, it is easy to lose control and simply eat anything in large quantities.  For some individuals eating a tub of ice cream or a tub of chicken is part of losing control.  Knowing how to stop binge eating can get you back on track and help you to achieve your slimming goal.

The first step in knowing how to stop binge eating is recognising that going on a diet is hard work.  You must learn that weight loss does not happen over night and that it is a long and life time process to shed pounds. You must be able to cope with weeks where you will not lose weight and perhaps weeks where you might actually gain weight.  Take this struggle as part of the process and then learn to get back on track with your slimming program.

The second step in dealing with binge eating is having a good support system.  It begins with you.  You must have the will power and the courage to face hunger and the difficulty of losing weight.  Learn to have the right mental attitude when going on a slimming diet.  You must also have family and friends as part of your support system.  Do not be afraid to call on these people during periods where you need encouragement.  Ask these people for their help when times get tough.

Part of knowing how to stop binge eating is taking a time out right before you head to the kitchen to start putting food in your mouth.  Learn to take a seat and think about what you are about to do to yourself.  Think about the hard work you have put in up to this point and that it is better not to destroy all of that hard work in one moment.  Take your mind away from food and your hunger and control your emotions.  Take deep breaths and relax.

With some of these ideas you can learn how to stop binge eating and control yourself before you make a mistake that will only make you feel guilty later on.  If you can learn self control, realise that dieting is hard work, and call upon yourself and your friends for support you can win your weight loss battle.

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