Top Tips to Staying Fit for Women

Being a woman means that you have to take that extra mile when it comes to taking care of yourself. And in most instances this is easier said than done because of the hectic lives that women lead trying to juggle the kids, husband, household chores and a career. However, you can still achieve this by following the simple step by step guide mentioned below.

The first step to staying fit and healthy is diet. A balanced diet is by far the most important aspect of maintaining the well-being of your body. This means that skipping meals is a bad idea. Rather you should watch what you eat and how you eat it. If you are not sure how to go about this you should consult a dietician who will help you with the planning of your meals. If you are planning on loosing weight what you should basically look at is reducing the amount of your calorie intake and eat more foods that are high in fiber.

Remember to drink plenty of water. Water is very important in your body because it aids in the flushing toxins from your body. The recommended daily intake of water is at least eight glasses or two litres of water. Water also keeps your body hydrated this is especially important if you are on a fitness program as you loose a lot of water through exercise.

A lot of people lead hectic lives and if you are one of those people you will realise that it is impossible to get enough nutrients recommended in your daily meals. This is why it is important to take vitamin supplements to boost your immune system. Calcium is another important supplement that you should take to help maintain strong bones. As a woman you are more susceptible to the weakening of the bone with age than your male counterpart which is important to get enough calcium.

Smoking is very detrimental to health so if you smoke you should really consider quitting. Research has shown that smokers are more vulnerable to cancer than those people who do not smoke. And if you are on an exercise program smoking actually hinders your performance because smoking robs you of the much needed oxygen that goes with any rigorous activity. So to get maximum performance when exercising you have to do away with smoking.

You can also incorporate exercise in your daily life by adjusting things in your life and lead a more active lifestyle. You can do this by making sure you switch to using the stairs instead of the elevator. Play more with your kids at home because is one of the most fun way of exercising. You can even take up dancing and enjoy yourself while you exercise at the same time.

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