Weight Loss with Chinese Diet Green Tea

The Chinese green tea has become a hit with diet fanatics over the years gaining recognition even among dieticians and medical practitioners. This enjoyable beverage which has been part of the Chinese tradition and diet for over a thousand years has a lot of advantages to offer  in terms of health benefits making it one of the healthiest ways of loosing weight. Studies have shown that the Chinese green tea has a lot of health benefits that outweigh a lot of the other teas.

Chinese green tea has been part of the Chinese diet for approximately four thousand years. There is a legend that says that this healthy and enjoyable tea was discovered by a Chinese emperor purely by accident. It comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis as does the other traditional black tea as well as oolong. For generations the Chinese green tea has been used for medicinal purposes as it was known to cure ailments like headaches, lack of energy and digestive problems. It was also use as an immune booster.

One of the reasons why green tea is very healthy is the way by which it’s made. Fresh tea leaves are steamed at high temperatures which means that a lot of nutritional enzymes are left intact. The Chinese green tea is not fermented as they do with other teas like the black tea and oolong tea. Instead of being fermented the leaves are steamed, pan heated or baked. These leaves are then rolled and the leaves that are rolled tightly are traditionally seen as quality leaves.

As a way of weight loss, green tea has been considered superior to other foods and drinks. Although there is no such thing that can be dubbed as a miracle weight loss drug, food or drink, Chinese drink is so beneficial to weight loss that it has come close being called miraculous. Studies have shown that green tea extracts have the ability to reduce the digestion of fat in the body because the extracts can inhibit the digestive enzyme. Some studies have also shown that green tea has properties that can make the body burn fuel without making chemical energy (thermogenesis). This is probably due to the fact that green tea has caffeine as well as catachin polyphenols.

Chinese green tea is very beneficial in that it also has properties that are said to inhibit cancer cells reducing the chances of suffering from cancer. Chinese green tea combined with other supplements can do wonders for you when it comes to weight loss. It is important to note the for it to effectively work you also have to be careful with everything else that you eat.

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